Andrew Sousa

Electrical Engineer with a passion to move society forward through the development of novel systems. My specialities are analog circuit and RF system design. Hacker by nature. Current interests include cognitive science, economics, and sailing.


Photo Credit: Josh Sousa


These are some of the projects I have worked on.

Otto: The Personal Cameraman

Otto is the personal cameraman that introduces a new way to capture your life's most exciting moments. The system is an autonomous quadcopter that is designed to follow and record a user performing an individual action sport.

2015 Senior Design Project.

Project Site

As the TA for an EE course at UMass I designed an audio amp board to use as a mechanism to teach students how to use Altium schematic capture and pcb layout. I worked with other UGTAs to assemble to board and develop the software.

2016 ENGIN112 TA @ UMass.

Project Site
IEEE Micromouse Robot

An autonomous mouse that was tasked with navigating to the center of a 16x16 maze. I was responsible for the electrical system, namely the design of the pcb (including circuit and layout). Note, this was my first design.

2014 MicroMouse Competition.

Board Image Layout
HackUMass Founder

Along with a team of twelve students, professors, and industry professionals we started the what is now (2016) the largest hacking event in Western MA. Our goal was to bring the hack/entrepreneurship culture to UMass. It was a great success.

2014 HackUMass I.

Bitcoin Coffee Machine

A friend and I hacked a Keurig machine to automatically pour a coffee once one was purchased online. I was responsible for the receiving system (hardware & software). We used Bitcoin to pay for coffee before Bitcoin was cool.

2014 HackBeanPot.

IEEE / HKN Leadership

As an undergrad at UMass I was the president of Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) as well as the Vice President of UMass IEEE. I lead our team to opening the first student-run snack shop, a wildly successful fall banquet, and a UMass's first hackathon, HackUMass. I also lead the MicroMouse robotics team to victory at the IEEE R1 student conference.

Experience Timeline

A timeline of my notable experiences.


Lead Electrical Engineer.


HW Engineering Intern.

M.S.E.E. December 2016


EE 7-month co-op on the special projects group.

B.S.E.E. May 2015


Network Security Intern.


Data Performance Intern.



Wrote my first game in Visual Basic, BlackJack.